"Oxidized ΙΙ" Bracelet, silver and gold
684 €
"Puzzle II" Pendant silver and gold
72 €


We design jewellery since 1920
Alkiviadis Leondarakis, Alexander's father, sets up his first jewellery workshop.
Alexander, after graduating from high school, decides to learn the secrets of his father's skill as an apprentice. So Alexander will bring this tradition back to Athens (1958) with great reverence.
Alexander enriches his knowledge on his father's craft with postgraduate studies at Umanitaria college in Milan.
Their daughters Marialena and Irini have now undertaken the family business at 6, Skoufou St. ,Syntagma.

A. Leondarakis’s jewellery is exhibited and sold in the retail and wholesale store that operates all year round  in Athens, Greece.

ATHENS: 6 SKOUFOU str, TEL. 2103247728




Marialena Leondaraki

Marialena designs jewellery matching eccentricity, originality and marketability so as to achieve the best balance between quality and price.She can be inspired by anything, like nature or people around her, all kind of arts, travels, dreams and contemporary trends. Her jewellery combine a contemporary point of view with the traditional goldsmithing techniques (granulation, filigree, archaic setting of gems, etc.).


Goldsmithing has been a very long tradition in our family. Therefore, we feel strongly connected to our ancestors since we are the fourth generation of goldsmiths. Creating contemporary, original and exceptional jewellery is our goal.