"Just like coral" Bracelet, silver and gold, pearl, coral, spinel
3330 €
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"Coral heart" Brooch silver and gold coral, pearl, spinel
1134 €
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"@dontpeacemeoff.org" Necklace silver and gold, white, black, glass eye,matt
1026 €
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"Interconnected" Necklace silver, yellow, black, glass eye, matt
1130 €
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"Does he love me?he does not!" Necklace silver, pink, yellow, black, pearl, diamonds
2748 €
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"5 Elements" Necklace silver and gold, coral, pearl, tourmaline, pebble, wood, glass eye
3968 €
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"Harlequin" Brooch-pendant gold, hematite, onyx, turquoise, amazonite, malachite, tourmaline
2994 €
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