The designer

Marialena Leondaraki

Initially, she was indulged in painting and the art of wax making for jewellery models.

She studied Fine Arts at VAKALO School and photography at FOCUS School while working as a graphic designer and assistant photographer.

Marialena designs jewellery matching eccentricity, originality and marketability so as to achieve the best balance between quality and price.She can be inspired by anything, like nature or people around her, all kind of arts, travels, dreams and contemporary trends. Her jewellery combine a contemporary point of view with the traditional goldsmithing techniques (granulation, filigree, archaic setting of gems, etc.)

From 2001 until 2005 she completed Gemmology and Gem Diamond studies by receiving both FGA and DGA diplomas of Gem-A (GAGTL then) Great Britain.

Today, she is an active diamond expert-gemmologist, member of the Board of the Greek Research and Educational Gemmology Association (G.R.E.G.A.) and from 2010-2017 teacher of gemmology at the MOKUME school of jewellery art making in Athens.